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FlashForward: Live From New York

Outside my hotel room window - Empire State Building peeking out.

I’m sitting here in the internet cafe at the hotel, The New Yorker Hotel, for Flashforward. What an amazing conference so far. I did my talk today – it was lots of fun. Everyone was really responsive and I didn’t even notice that I had gone 15 minutes over my 1 hour.

New York city is also amazing at this time of year. It’s so busy at lunch there’s hardly room to walk, but it’s better in the evening. Haven’t done much sight seeing yet, but I’ve walked up along Broadway, Madison avenue, 5th ave, and seen a bunch of things. Here’s the view from my hotel room. That’s the empire state building 3 blocks away.

Times Square
Times Square

Flashinthecan 2004

I did a talk for this particular conference all about Flash game development, and specifically optimizing games, and also participated in the third “IronFlash” competition, defending our title from the year earlier. IronFlash was essentially, 3 hours, to code something with a really cool theme, live on stage in front of lots of very patient people.  That year, the theme was “Diversity in Flash”.

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Flashinthecan 2003

For this conference, I did a talk on developing good Flash games.  It was a packed house and I had a great time giving my talk and sharing my ideas.

The main stage venue where I did my talk.
The main stage venue where I did my talk.
After my talk, in a lounge area, answering questions from attendees.
After my talk, in a lounge area, answering questions from attendees.

I also took place in the IronFlash competition for the first time that year with my teammate Craig Swann. Basically we were given a theme, and then had 24 hours to come up with the content, and then live on TechTV, we had to code a really cool experience to match the theme.  The theme that year was “Diversity in Flash”, and we won, and became the IronFlash Champions.

All the "IronFlash" equipment being given to the participants.
All the "IronFlash" equipment being given to the participants.

Flashinthecan 2002

This talk was on, surprise, games.  I showed a few things about how games should be done, what to do and what not to do. In fact, the presentation SWF itself is here to be enjoyed, just read on to view it. At frame 51, it becomes interactive, so use the arrow keys to move the ball around. Remember, this was accompanied with a talk, so hopefully the slides speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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Flash Kit

I did a talk on games at Flash Kit in 2001, when games were just starting to become feasible in Flash. Ironically, the talk was on games in general, but also on how one would integrate them to 3D – which was simply not done at the time. It was a lot of fun, in Los Angeles, at the big convention center next to the Staples Center.

My aspect on the talk was on the relatively new concept of Multiplayer gaming in Flash. Read on to see what I wrote.

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