The Virtual Orchestra Project

After lots of work, composing, filming, editing and coding, I’m proud to announce the world’s first ever online orchestra project, called The Virtual Orchestra Project, or VOP.

The idea is simple – go to the VOP site, download your part (Flute, Trumpet, Cello, etc.), and play along with the conductor video that appears on the app.  When you’re ready, record your performance as a video, and submit the video.  Once there are enough submissions, I will mix together the entire piece – and without any of the musicians having been face to face, the end result will be epic.

I was inspired by the Lux Arumque project that Eric Whitacre did, but that vocal alone – I decided to take it a step further, and make it entirely symphonic.

Youtube Video Player In Flash

Hi Everyone.

I’m working on a nice and easy YouTube video player for Flash. It’s working well – and it’s essentially a component you just drag into your library, instantiate it with some AS3, point it to a specific video ID, and then tell it to play.. And it plays – within your Flash movie. Click “More” to see it in action.. I built it as a very simple Pause/Play player, with a single video hardcoded in my AS3 initialization, but there are lots of other features and abilities in store.. I’ve deliberately put a blur effect on mouse movement just to prove that it is indeed playing the YouTube video, from youtube, within Flash, totally operable with AS3. I also set it up with a hideous blue background for the same reason.

This is by far the easiest way to get YouTube videos within Flash directly. A few lines of code:

var player:MovieClip = new YouTubePlayer();
player.x = 2;
player.y = 2;
player.movieId = "kaot6D6Q7WY";
player.vautoPlay = true;

And you’re off and running!

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Writing from the train…

This is a cool new first. I’m sitting on the train, using my phone with bluetooth, posting on my blog. Cool. Not sure how to upload photos from the camera on the phone…. but that’s next time – my battery is at 19% – but it ushers in entire new possibilities for workflow.

What is my recording, mixing, orchestrating and mastering?

People often ask me, or simply give me blank stares when I describe what it is I do with music.  See, I’ll often go to a site, record the singers, musicians, etc.  I’ll then end up with a “raw” source sound.  I try to separate different classes of sound from each other. Often times, the working space is not ideal for that – it’s not a studio.

For example, I’ll get the choir on one microphone in one part of the room, the piano on another microphone, and then another microphone for the soloists, if there are any. I’m thinking specifically about a recent recording I did for a local high-school, and how I took the raw sound, and (in my opinion) made it sound very professional. Read on, and specifically, there’s a little Flash toy I made that allows you to flip between the untouched raw sound, and the finished sound, after I have done all the stages in my process.
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