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Flash MX Application & Interface Design

flashmxapplicationandinterfacedesignby Peter Aylward, Ken Jokol, Jamie MacDonald, Paul Prudence, Glen Rhodes, Robbie Shepherd

This book takes an in-depth look at purposing your Flash skills towards developing fully functional Flash Applications. Taking its lead from the design element, each chapter takes you a step further into evolving your design skills into application development.

It will look at:

  • Focusing your interface design for ease of use
  • Shaping up the back end to keep things simple
  • Delivering complex content, including video

Using a blend of instructional and inspirational chapters, this book looks at Flash’s strengths – graphical dynamism, interactivity, back-end punch and multimedia delivery.

  • Make gorgeous sites in tiny files with the Drawing API
  • Look at the marriage of data and beauty with a Flash Family Tree
  • Create real-feel interfaces that mimic different media
  • Make XML do the donkey-work in site structure
  • Ease up you navigation with PHP
  • Create an entire drawing application
  • Deliver video and make it interactive with Flash

…and so much more!

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