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Facebook, website, worksite, or what?

It’s so confusing these days to know where to write different things.  I mean, here, am I expressing my personal views, with a brief mention of my professional services and activities, or is that saved for something like Facebook or MySpace?  Or, should I use this medium to be a succinctly professional site, demonstrating my Flash games, my music, etc.? In which case, a post like this would be entirely inappropriate… the web is becoming far too much like intermingled mush.  There are no more lines.

I used to have a hugely popular post about the Sleep Cycles, called “The Power of the Sleep Cycle”, which now, looking at it, was very much a personal diatribe, that would be fitting for Facebook, but, if I’m advertising my services here, would it be so appropriate?

Or, I had tons of links to my games and music, like the lightsaber configurator, or commander keen online, and many of the clients I had worked for; but then, would those be more appropriate on a ‘personal’ site or a ‘professional’ site?

I just can’t decide whether or not is a site about “Glen Rhodes”, or a site about the services I offer; should I leave the “Glen Rhodes” stuff to Facebook?

It’s so fuzzy now.

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