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Glen Rhodes

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This was one of my first games, all done in that annoying little Flash 4 window. But I was determined to make 3D work in Flash. It’s not true rotational 3D, but it is projection 3D. I got the idea for this game when I was flying from San Francisco to Toronto and I saw the clouds, and I thought, “What if there was a game where you had to jump from cloud to cloud. So I took that idea and thought, “What about a similar concept, but you’re moving through the human mind, and as each level progresses, we get deeper into the images of the dreams, from light and fluffy to nightmarish at the end.” – Read on to get to the game – there are 30 levels, so plenty to keep you going. (Hint: Use the shadow to know what you’re over when you jump).

And so this is what came to be. Move forward, backward, left and right with the respective arrow keys, and jump using the shift key. It’ll take getting used to for a bit, but after a while, it becomes natural. I did all the music on this as well. Don’t forget to keep track of the level codes, so you don’t have to start from the beginning. Ultimately, the goal of each level is to find the key, and then the doorway to the next level.

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