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ARKit Experiments.

Apple recently announced their upcoming ARKit framework, due to be released on iOS 11, with the native, built-in ability to track position and rotation in the real world.  That’s a game changer.

Traditionally, anchoring something in Augmented Reality (AR), required you to have a marker, or a known image that would be used to hold a reference point to a 3D world. 3D elements are then rendered in that world, and overlaid on top of the camera image.

With ARKit, you don’t need the marker anymore.  It can recognize planes and surfaces, and generate points in 3D space that you can attach things to.

They released the beta version of iOS 11, so I’ve been able to do some pretty cool experiments, as seen below:


The sinking of the Titanic. A Unity 5 Experience.

This is something I put together to see if I could create an experience of being on board the RMS Titanic.  I created this to coincide with 103rd anniversary of the Titanic disaster.

Here’s a video of the experience:

This is all Unity 5, with realtime global illumination (GI).  This was pretty tricky because I wanted the ship to eventually sink and go beneath the water, but with pre-calculated indirect GI, it was impossible to move the ship into the water.  So what I did, was move the water, onto the ship!  The result is very effective.

Try it out for yourself!  can you survive the sinking? Check it out here.  This is the Unity webplayer, not WebGL.  The WebGL version is coming soon.


The Midway Oasis – Oculus Rift VR Game

My Oculus Rift DK2 arrived recently, and so I had to dive in and create something. I ended up creating this strange sort of surreal and dreamlike island – which, as it turns out, is a sort of purgatory that you must escape.

The game is called “The Midway Oasis”.  It takes place on a strange island, that has more to it than meets the eye.

Here’s a link to the app on the Oculus VR showcase (where you can download and try it out):

Look around to move the aim sphere – this is where you’ll go to when you press the SpaceBar.
The sphere must be green to travel to it.  If it’s red, it means its too far away, or on an inverted steep surface.
To avoid having to turn your head 180 degrees, you can press the Left and Right Arrows to turn your body 90 degrees.
Pick up the dream spheres by going close enough to them that the aim sphere turns light blue.

The Midway Oasis is a mystifying experience. At its core, this is an exploration game, where you must arrive at a seemingly abandoned island in the middle of nowhere, with towering rocks, massive floating towers, rickety buildings, narrow bridges supported by splintered beams, and hints of an ancient presence. But what is this place?

Towers galore


Welcome to the Midway Oasis, lost wanderer.

As you have washed up here, you have clearly had a turn of fortune. For better, and for worse.

Undoubtedly, you have no recollection of your journey here. You just know that you are here, and not much else.

This island does that do you.

Others have come before you, having cast their dreams upon these shores.

And they have found the way home.

They have left behind their dreams for you to find.

If you seek redemption, you must find all the dream spheres, whereby the exit portal at the peak of the Great Tower will open.

Listen to the wind.
It whispers an ancient tale.

You will not be judged harshly, for you have been compassionate when those around you were lost in their own darkness.

They will follow you home.

ExtroForge – Indie Game

So, after years of doing freelance development for a countless number of clients, I’ve finally decided to put a team together to produce something of my own.  I’m proud do announce that development of the game “ExtroForge” is underway.

Extroforge is a game in very early development, in which you create a base, fortress or city, build vehicles, and then take them into battle against other players. Up to 32 players can play, on 2 teams. Once the game begins, the race is on to secure resources, find a home for your base and begin building. As you refine your resources, you build greater and more complex structures, and eventually vehicles that you can use to explore the world, and ride into battle.

A complete game, or round, will take anywhere from 10 minutes, to 2 hours to completely play out. Think of combining MineCraft, PlanetSide, and an RTS game like Command & Conquer, and you’ll have a good idea of what Extroforge feels like.