ExtroForge – Indie Game

So, after years of doing freelance development for a countless number of clients, I’ve finally decided to put a team together to produce something of my own.  I’m proud do announce that development of the game “ExtroForge” is underway.

Extroforge is a game in very early development, in which you create a base, fortress or city, build vehicles, and then take them into battle against other players. Up to 32 players can play, on 2 teams. Once the game begins, the race is on to secure resources, find a home for your base and begin building. As you refine your resources, you build greater and more complex structures, and eventually vehicles that you can use to explore the world, and ride into battle.

A complete game, or round, will take anywhere from 10 minutes, to 2 hours to completely play out. Think of combining MineCraft, PlanetSide, and an RTS game like Command & Conquer, and you’ll have a good idea of what Extroforge feels like.




“One Day More” FanCast.

This past spring, I put a call out on my Karaoke music channel, KaraokeJoeful, for auditions for singers to participate in the first ever “FanCast” production. The idea was simple: Singers would submit videos of themselves singing parts of the big cast number “One Day More” from Les Miserables, and then I would take those videos, create an audio mix, and a video to go along with it.

It was a fun process, and I got a few hundred auditions, and ended up casting, what I think are brilliant leads.

The final video was a blast to make, and it can be seen here:



Is the climate changing?

I look at the weather these days, with the ambient temperature sitting comfortably at 40 degrees Celsius.. With warm 27 degree days back in March, and have to admit that it looks like climate change..

But, is it man made? Nature varies naturally on wild and extreme cycles; it always has.. Is it hubris to think that we are the cause of change in the weather of an entire planet? We’ve been pumping our greenhouse gases for several decades.. But in the past it has taken 10,000 years of the same greenhouse effect to change the planetary climate. What was once glacial, evolved into scorching rainforest.. And vice versa. All without our input. I wonder are we responsible, or at the mercy of natural processes?




Cross view 3D

I’ve been looking lately into the idea of creating 3D images using a technique called crossview. Basically, it’s two pictures side by side, but when you look at it and slowly cross your eyes, they merge into a “third” image, that appears 3D. The brain creates this in real time by noting the differences between the two images and interprets that as true stereoscopic vision. The brain is amazing.

Here is how to view them:
how to view crossview 3D

And here are some samples I made!





Note that even reflections take on 3D!


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