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Licensing the Flash Ray Engine

The Flash Ray Engine is a new and groundbreaking engine designed to coincide with the release of the Flash 8 player from Macromedia. The engine makes use of advanced light ray techniques to render 3D scenes with support for full textures, at high speed thanks to the new bitmap architecture of Flash 8.



Your art department

  • Things have never been easier for the integration between your art department and your programmers. All your artists need to do is create texture pages (pages with all scenery and textures arranged in a grid), and pages containing the sprites (characters and objects), import into the engine, and you’re ready to go! No more gruelling conversions, hours importing hundreds of files; just two PNG files and you’re done.

Maps of any size

  • You can create maps of almost any size, using the very simple map editor included with the game. Allows you to layout the wall textures, as well as sprites and enemies.

32 bit textures and sprites

  • The engine supports full 32 bit textures and sprites, allowing for an almost unlimited number of colors and more importantly, alpha transparency. The use of alpha transparency on your sprites allows you to create effects like glowing outlines, shimmering lights and semi-transparent glass.

Scalable texture size

  • The textures can be almost any size, as long as they’re square.  The textures in the WolfenFlash demo game are 64 x 64.


  • Reflective floors, with a configurable level of reflectivity, giving your scene a more professional and “cool” look.


  • Support for 32 bit, fully animated, multiple angled sprites that are automatically aligned to your view.

Artificial intelligence

  • Fully integrated A.I. engine allows you to create enemies that follow you, pull back, seek shelter, call for help and react to your play tactics. Coming straight at them? They will sidestep and zig zag towards you to make themselves harder to hit.

Line of sight

  • Advanced line of sight calculations allow the engine to determine when enemies are in range, when they can be seen, when they can see you, and also exactly where your projectiles hit the wall.

Versatile weapons system

  • The ability to create and add as many weapons as you want, to configure their sprite, frames, their fire rate, and damage.

Sound and music

  • Includes the ability to add sound effects that are generated by events, and full background music with looping, so a little music goes a long, long way.

Quest based lock & key system

  • Features a full “quest based” system where you can control the procession of the game with the acquirement of certain items. Allows you to create a more “adventure game” type of system where the player must complete certain tasks by obtaining certain objects, to proceed through the levels.

Cost: Can be discussed under NDA.

For more information, contact me to see how you can license this engine.

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